SS Hose Assembly


Thermoplastic hose with a single wire braid is a versatile and durable solution for hydraulic applications, and Inflex Hydraulics offers a wide range of high-quality thermoplastic hoses designed to meet various industry needs. These hoses are constructed using a thermoplastic inner tube, which provides excellent resistance to abrasion, chemicals, and extreme temperatures. The single wire braid reinforcement enhances the hose’s strength and flexibility, allowing for efficient fluid transfer and precise control. Inflex Hydraulics’ thermoplastic hoses with a single wire braid are lightweight, easy to handle, and compatible with a variety of hydraulic fluids. Backed by technical expertise and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Inflex Hydraulics provides customized solutions and exceptional service. Contact Inflex Hydraulics today to find the perfect thermoplastic hose with a single wire braid for your hydraulic system.


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