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Our Composite Hoses are totally engineered from inner wire to outer cover for maximum service and compatibility. The multilayered composite hoses are made from Polypropylene, polyamide and polyester films and fabric, depending on the applications. The polyester fabric outer cover offers enduring resistance against dragging, wear and abrasion alongwith weather and ozone-resistance. For demanding applications, Inflex can also provide Composite hoses with PTFE liners to handle corrosive chemicals, including UV and ozone. All our composite hose assemblies are pressure-tested at 1.5 times their rated working pressure before shipping, conforming to highest safety-standards as per norms. Further, our composite hoses are extremely light weight, highly flexible, seepage-proof, leakage-proof and promise great hoop length, lasting service life and superior overall performance.


Interlock hoses are produced by spirally winding a precision slit metal strip so that edges Interlock to form a seamless length as per desired configuration, size and type to match specific applications.
• Available in Galvanized Iron, Stainless Steel etc
• Internal diameters ranging from ½” to 10”.
• Can be used stand-alone with own welded or brazed fittings
• Also usable as a liner for high flow velocity corrugated hose assemblies or as outer guard for external protection of braided corrugated hose assembly.


Expansion joints are often included in industrial piping systems to accommodate movement due to thermal and mechanical changes in the system. Expansion joints with metal flanges are designed to accommodate certain movements while minimising the transfer of forces to sensitive components in the system. Inflex Hydraulics supplies a wide range of rubber expansion joints & bellows, combining different layers of fabrics designed to guarantee optimal flexibility as well as an enduring life.


• Sizes available upto 3000 mm
• Test pressure upto 35kg/cm2
• Manufactured in single or multiple arches
• Allows greater movement per arch
• Galvanised carbon steel or SS retainer ring

• Helps absorb vibration in pipes, caused by changes in temperature, etc.
• Helps absorb all types of movements like axial compression, axial elongation, lateral and angular deviations, etc.
• Provides tight seal against pipe flanges
• Helps connection of pipes that are not properly lined up
• Facilitates water hammer reduction and noise reduction in circuits of fluids
• Also works in pumps, deposits, machines, engines, etc.


• Form an important component of EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) or Muffler Admission assembly
• Offers absorption of vibrations and compensates for thermal expansion
• Made from high temperature and corrosion resistant materials
• Double ply construction of bellows (single ply or 3 ply-as per specifications)
• Leakproof tested products
• Flexible enough to be easily fixed in position during installation
• Close knit wire braid gives more strength and protection to bellow membrane
• Made with aluminised steel end caps (SS caps also available on request)
• Connectors with inner braid sleeve / interlock sleeve or liner also available