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Inflex Hydraulics can provide you with a range of Stainless Steel flexible hoses, manufactured in SS AISI 321 & 316L. Stainless steel corrugated flexible hoses are offered from 6mm (1/4 “) to 300mm (12”). We regularly design , manufacture and supply Stainless Steel hoses for highly critical applications in well equipped in-house factory, including close pitch hoses, heavy duty hoses, jacketed hose-assemblies, road tanker/ship loading and unloading hoses for liquid cargo. The suitable end connections for the particular application are TIG welded/ Brazed by our expert welding specialists. The end connections are available in a wide range, including male and female, BSP/ NPT threads, fixed and swivel flanges to various specifications, tube ends, weld ends, quick-release couplings etc. The annular corrugated hose body provides tight core of the assembly. Inflex Hydraulics also manufactures flexible close-pitch and heavy duty hoses for special applications.


On application of pressure, corrugated SS hoses without braids tend to elongate axially. To counter this, the SS hose is wrapped tightly in an external layer of SS wire braid, making the hose assembly resistant to pressure with the flexible braiding following the movement of the hose. For higher pressure applications, an additional layer or even two layers of braiding can be provided. Standard braids are manufactured using SS 304 wire, however, SS 321 and SS 316 braids can also be provided as per your specifications. Our SS hose specialists can customize as per your specifications.


Inflex Hydraulics provides both, standard and custom-made Stainless Steel Bellows specially designed to suit client's application, budget and lead time. With its expertise in development, production and supply of Stainless Steel bellows ranging from 2” NB upto 70” NB for various applications, Inflex complements the product range with an array of flanges and mounting connections, pipe ends, tie rods etc. in keeping with client requirements. Besides its standard range, Inflex regularly undertakes design and development of specialized bellows to meet specific applications.


Inflex Hydraulics is one of the largest providers of Hydraulic hoses, customized hydraulic hose assemblies and end fittings to cater to every need. Inflex hoses can be purchased in various stock lengths or cut as per desired specifications.

• Low pressure hoses (suction / delivery line).

• Medium pressure hoses (1 wire / 2 wire braided).

• Very high pressure hoses (4 wire and 6 wire).

• Special purpose hoses like Teflon with stainless steel braid.

• Complete stainless steel hoses with mild steel or stainless steel fittings for high temperature applications.

• Stainless Steel Hydraulic Fittings.

• Stainless Steel Bellow assembly with end fittings,
i.e flanges etc.

• Steel Tubes & Tube Fittings


Inflex Hydraulics provides a range of Air hoses (from ¼” to 4” dia), Oil & Suction Delivery hoses ¾” to 6” and also Water Suction and Delivery hoses ranging from 1” to 8” for a variety of applications.